Design Hotel Deventer

love nature, embrace minimalism.

Indulge in the unique and sophisticated mix of minimalistic design and pure warmth. Wind down and be amazed, feel the unparalleled luxury, and wake up in a place that instils inspiration and true perfection. Welcome to The Lemon Suites, a design hotel by Asiades. One of the few places you have never been before and will never find again.

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Our Rooms

Unparalleled luxury. A unique experience.

The River Suites

Wake up completely relaxed and enjoy the unique and vast views of the river IJssel from your free-standing bath. This undoubtedly rare and inspiring room must be experienced to be believed.

The Penthouse Suites

Find yourself entranced by the softness and tranquillity that contrasts so starkly with the hustle and bustle of the city. Everything you have never experienced in a hotel before, which all comes together in our Penthouse Suites.

The Lemon Suites

Pop a bottle of champagne, flop onto one of our impressive, gold-rimmed four-poster beds and bask in the subtle intimacy and serene ambience.


Tap into the power of inspiration.

Discover how unrivalled luxury, pure minimalism, and ultimate serenity can boost your inspiration. Tell us your expectations so we can organise the meeting that caters for whatever you need. Would you like to stay over in one of our suites? We promise that the IJssel views will have you wake up full of new inspiration, which is exactly what you'll need after an intensive day of filming or dining. Do you wish to book one or several suites for you and/or your (international) business relations? Let us know and we will make it happen!

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Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.

The Lemon Suites doesn't offer arrangements but experiences. An experience that will have you reminiscing for many years, which is why we will surely see you again in the future. And naturally, we are open to all idea and wishes.

Sunny Sunday Diner 🌞

Enjoy a delightful dinner at our Fine Dining Restaurant.

Sunny Sunday Lunch 😎

Smaakverkenners Experience

Discover culinary Deventer during an unforgettable 'Smaakverkenners' city tour.

The Monday Experience 💃

A package including a delightful dinner at restaurant Valencia.

The Lemon Experience 🍋

Enjoy a delightful dinner at our Fine Dining Restaurant.

About us

Two entrepreneurs. One ultimate dream.

The concept of The Lemon Suites goes back much further than its launch in 2022. The idea to open up a design hotel in Deventer is actually the result of a long-standing love for service and quality shared by two childhood friends: Maurice Visser (on the left) and Valentijn Bergers (on the right). One of them already owned the fine-dining restaurant The Lemon Tree while the other owned a film production company. The result? 

A place where a passion for storytelling and an insatiable love for the best products and services come together. Experience all this yourself – we gladly share our dream with you.